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Color Blocking: Art and Fashion

It's funny how the universe works. When i was thinking of what to blog about next i knew i wanted to write about color blocking, specifically relating to fashion, but i wasn't sure about the direction i wanted to go. I had a few photos in mind but nothing set and stone to discuss.

As i was stuck in traffic yesterday i decided to use the Waze app to try and escape the horrible rush hour mess that i was sitting in. The directions took me on backstreets i had never been on before and into neighborhoods i never knew existed. The house models were very traditional with white and beige exteriors. As i was making a turn i noticed a house that had a color block pattern of red, blue and yellow squares with metal detailing in-between. Not only did i notice the house, i made a comment along the lines of "why is this design with these bold colors in this neighborhood, it doesn't really match anything around." and left it at that.

So, today i sat down to continue the creative process of choosing which photos, layout and content i wanted. I decided to write about how color blocking in fashion and art go hand in hand for me personally as an artist. I googled "color blocking" for ideas of what to write about and to my surprise, the very first thing to pop up was information about how this fashion trend originated from the artwork of Dutch painter, Piet Mondrian. I continued to research his work to discover that not only is he known for being one of the pioneers of the 20th century abstract art movement, but also for his red, blue and yellow geometric pattern which was exactly the design i saw alongside the house yesterday. French fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent, even designed a collection of six dresses known as "The Mondrian Collection" in 1965 inspired by Piet Mondrian.  

The moral of the story is, trust the universe! If i had not have been stuck in traffic which made me take another route, i would have never had the opportunity to pass through that beautiful neighborhood to notice that bold design which led me to discover all of these amazing facts about Piet Mondrian and combine fashion and art in this blog. 

Color blocking is taking two colors that are opposite on the color wheel and pairing them together to make interesting and complementary color combinations. This style has been around for many decades expressed mainly through art, fashion, and design.  


The color wheel plays a major role in art. It is the organization of color hues around a circle, which shows the relationships between primary, secondary and tertiary colors. Artists use this as a color foundation when choosing which colors to paint with. 


My sense of fashion has not always been so bold and vibrant. As a matter of fact, i just recently started making color blocking a staple in my fashion. I simultaneously started wearing and shopping for the same colors in clothes that i would choose to paint with. And if you haven't noticed, my selection is pretty colorful. This also led to posting like colored outfits and paintings together to create a cohesive aesthetic layout on Instagram.

Art influences my fashion and vise versa. 

I like to apply my daily motto, "be unique, be bold, be fearless, be you", to my fashion and artwork.


Not everyone is "fashionable" just like not everyone is "booksmart". I personally believe fashion is a form of art and takes the same artistic expression to create a well put together outfit as it does to create a painting.